Biotech Waste treatment

The converter equipment installed in the bioxparc is finalized for the treatment of waste from all sources and composition in order to simultaneously achieve sterilization or disinfection.  Physical modification, volume reduction, dehydration and weight reduction.

The waste is heated mechanically directly from the inside thanks to the friction generated by material breaks, obtained thanks to a powerful rotating blade manufactured in Hardox, positioned on the bottom of the cell. All this is done without the use of the pressure or steam, resulting in a much safer treatment.

By reducing the pressure in the treatment cell, the evaporation temperature becomes lower, resulting in a final product reduced in weight and volume, completely dry and safe in less than 30 minutes.

The vapors and the condensate are extracted from the treatment cell and filtered.

All converter machines simply need water and electricity to operate. With the water recirculation system, water consumption can be reduced to a minimum.

Waste management is fully managed within BIOXPARC: thanks to the innovative technologies installed, all waste, including special waste from the laboratories, is handled safely and internationally certified.

The final product obtained can be safely used as fuel to generate energy and heat.  



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